How I got to the Olympics

In 2009, for the first time since I opened my design firm, business was bad. My office was not receiving calls for interiors or architectural projects. The economic trouble had hit my design firm hard. One evening I sent out a heartfelt prayer asking for a direction in my career. The next morning I woke with the idea to enroll in design classes at the university I graduated from.

Art Center College of Design had classes on sustainability in design. I enrolled immediately. I loved learning about my carbon footprint and how important it is to live and design sustainably. The classes taught me to design using a Design Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental /Social Impact Studies to help form sustainably oriented goals and strategies in design. One class project was to choose a benchmark product and better it in terms of saving energy.

The benchmark product I choose was an award winning, prefabricated, sustainable home built in Los Angeles, CA. The redesigned home virtually designed itself with the help of a Design Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental/ Social Impact Studies. In one sentence, designing with as few processed building materials as possible save significant amounts of energy!

Well, the presentation was well received and was exhibited in the university gallery. Later, my professor encouraged me to enter the concept in The EDF Sustainable Design Challenge in France. My concept for saving energy in architecture won.My prize was $4500.00 and the chance to exhibit in the newly constructed EDF Energy Pavilion in the 2012 London Olympics.

So far this is my story on how one of my designs made it to the 2012 Olympics.

Please check back with me to learn if this story will continue 🙂

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